World music

  • David Krakauer

    "Klezmatics review: I may have just heard God - and he plays the clarinet" Reviewed by John Shand
    New project
    Only a select few artists have the ability to convey their message to the back row, to galvanize an audience with a visceral power that connects on a universal level. David Krakauer is such an artist. Widely considered one of the greatest clarinetists on the planet, he has been praised internationally as a key innovator in modern klezmer as well as a major voice in (...)

  • Dizu Plaatjies

    South Africa

  • Kocani Orkestar

    gypsy brass band / Macédoine

  • Les Tambours de Brazza

    Under the direction of Emile Biayenda Created in 1991 by the drummer and songwriter Emile Biayenda, the Congolese band “Les Tambours de Brazza” blend tradition and modernity, playing Ngoma drums alongside drum sets, bass, guitars and other modern instruments. These ‘drums of Brazza’ resound with the rhythms of the various Congolese ethnic groups, to which they have added influences from resolutely modern drummers. They encompass the rites of Africa and the joys and wrenches of its peoples. (...)

  • Welcome on LMD productions

    LMD Productions organise des concerts et des tournées en France et à l’étranger, dans le domaine du jazz, des musiques improvisées, et des musiques dites "d’ailleurs".

    Au détour de ce site "nomade", peuplé d’artistes aux horizons et aux sensibilités multiples, nous vous invitons à un voyage en terres musicales, pour partager avec nous les émotions qui les et qui nous animent...



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