Le Trio de Clarinettes

Three musicians who, despite having each followed an unconventional career path, have onething in common : the clarinet. Their music deliberately weaves back and forth over the boundaries of genre and style combining the expressiveness and unbridled energy of jazz with the virtuosity and exaction of contemporary music, and the pure emotion and joyous sponta - neity of traditional idiom.
In performance, the three fearless exponents of this most popular of instruments - in every shape and size - deploy humour and irreverence, switching between written and improvised forms... trading their poetic ideas, and veering from the boisterous to near-silence... The sounds and rhythms of today’s live music scene.
Als Improvisationsmusiker une Interpreten zitgenössicher komponierter Musiks sindsie ebenso bekannt wie als furchtlose Grenzüberschreiter musikalisher Genres, in denen die Traditionen der Volksmusik ebenso aufscheinen wie die pure Freude und Spontaneität des Zusammenspiels im schnellen Weschel von improvisiertem und komponiertem Material.


Armand Angster

Soloist in a repertoire ranging from Mozart to the most recent works of the 20th and 21st centuries and improvised music, Armand Angster is the dedicatee of numerous pieces (by Brian Ferneyhough, Pascal Dusapin, Georges Aperghis, Franco Donatoni, Marc Monnet, Philippe Manoury, James Dillon, François-Bernard Mâche...). With soprano Françoise Kubler, he was at the origin of the Ensemble Accroche Note which has made a name for itself at leading international events : La Rochelle, Nice, Paris (IRCAM, ‘Présences’ Festival), Trento, Frankfurt, London, Huddersfield, Strasbourg (Musica), Madrid, Oslo, São Paulo, Brussels, Moscow, Chicago.
He has appeared as a soloist with the Music Project (London), Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, New Ensemble (Amsterdam), Ensemble Recherche, Carme Di Milano, Ensemble Alternance (Paris), Ensemble de L’Itinéraire, Bavarian Radio Orchestra and SWF Baden-Baden. He plays jazz and improvised music on the occasion of mixed writing/improvisation projects. He teaches clarinet and chamber music at the National Conservatory of the Strasbourg Region and also gives master classes (Acanthes Centre, Royaumont...)

Sylvain Kassap

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Jean-Marc Foltz

Since studying music at the CNR in Strasbourg, Jean-Marc Foltz has freely explored both contemporary written and improvised music. In the jazz sphere, he currently works with the pianist Stéphan Oliva and the double bass player Bruno Chevillon in duo and trio formations, and with musicians like Raymond Boni, Joe Mac Phee, Claude Tchamitchian, and Latif Chaarani... He is also a member of Bernard Struber’s Jazztet, the Improvista Quintet and Claude Tchamitchian’s Lousadzak, and has recently joined the Bill Carrothers Septet.

In the contemporary repertory he has worked with Accroche Note, the Musikfabrik NRW (Düsseldorf), and the Ensemble Intercontemporain. He works with many important composers like Aperghis, Boulez, and Dusapin, and has featured in many premières on the European scene. He has played as a soloist with leaders including David Robertson, Mark Foster, Jürg Wyttenbach, and Hans Zender.

He is currently doing solo recitals and performing with two ensembles : the United Instruments of Lucillin (Luxembourg) and Alternance (Paris).


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